12 August, 2006

Lets encourage the brave Refuseniks of Israel


Refusenik Shaul Mograbi Berger
Shaul Mograbi Berger aged 19, was imprisoned for the fourth time on 16 October 2005 for refusing to serve in the Israeli army. He was sentenced to 21 days in prison and will be released on 6 November 2005, by which time he will have spent a total of some 65 days in prison.

There are princpled and brave young men and women in Israel refusing to commit war crimes. We should encourage this tendency in many other countries too.

Military Refusal in Israel

From a report by Sarah Anne Minkin and Rela Mazali: “…activist groups New Profile and Yesh Gvul report that hundreds, if not thousands, of reserve troops are refusing to go to the war. More than a hundred have turned to the groups for help in refusing to serve. While 5 refusers are currently in jail, with more awaiting trial for their refusal, the vast majority of refusers will not face immediate trial or punishment.” Why not? Report Sarah Anne and Rela: “…the majority of refusers are being told by their commanders to go AWOL, with punitive measures delayed for a later, less-urgent time. Refusers also report that many other men get out of service by going abroad, getting a medical deferral or simply going AWOL.” (Soon to appear on www.jewishvoiceforpeace.org)

... and many more!


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