02 June, 2012

Obama's Nuclear War-Fighting Plans Pervert Australian Democracy

Thanks to Jaraparilla for alerting us to this travesty. It is indeed interesting to see what the now-vanquished, post-coup weasel-word Kev is up to these days. I too have a collection of his stilted, anonymous letters of evasion. See the story here on Jaraparilla’s blog:
The letter below from the office of former Australian PM Kevin Rudd confirms that the Australian Labour Party are seriously planning to build a US Naval Base for nuclear-powered submarines in Brisbane, Australia's 3rd largest city.

Yet again he has betrayed his electorate and the people of Brisbane and Queensland in the most disgraceful way. This time he has really done it in a fashion that should be career-terminating.

Who can forget the Kevin Rudd who seemed to care about the distressing level of aircraft noise in his Griffith electorate and particularly in the suburb of Morningside. Kevin Rudd built his career on sham community consultation campaigns on aircraft noise, promising to get Brisbane Airport to comply with curfews, at least.

This is the same Kevin Rudd who flirted with the politics of the US Evangelical Right, parading his ´spirituality´ on Rachael Kohn´s ABC Radio programme in the hope of recruiting the ´Christian´ vote.  Remember the ‘Social Gospel’ http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/spiritofthings/kevin-rudds-social-gospel/3292768

Yet he has now colluded with his colleagues and the US Embassy in re-creating his own electorate as the site for a future nuclear accident or perhaps as a future nuclear target. Brisbane will now become the US Empire´s war-making capital of Australia – very spiritual Kevin!

The proposal to install a naval submarine base with US nuclear-powered and nuclear-armed ships has been foisted upon us without any consultation and precious little discussion in Parliament. The base has also been overlaid onto already-existing town plans and ordinary peoples' decisions to locate their family homes and raise children close to where the base will be built. The decision to build this US base was an unseen elephant-in-the-room when road-widening proposals from the Fishermans’ Island to the financially-disastrous Clem 7 tunnel were being undertaken. We could say that whole communities have been taken for a ride. Importantly, there have been many decisions to carry out infill developments which have increased the population density of suburbs like Lytton, Balmoral, Bulimba and Hawthorne, which will now be in the path of the blast-wave of any nuclear incident.  

Kevin Rudd joined with his long-time friend Gareth Evans in an attempt to convince the world’s public that they favoured a nuclear-free Pacific and a progressive reduction in nuclear weapons. Of course, it was a cruel joke. Barack Obama was never sincerely interested in nuclear disarmament, as the US base in Brisbane clearly demonstrates. Now Kevin Rudd is working for US President Obama’s efforts to modernise and increase nuclear weapons and bring them to a place just 3 km from Rudd’s electorate office. This is not what democracy looks like. This is what the militarisation of a client state looks like. See: http://willybachpoeticthoughts.blogspot.com/2012/04/gareth-evans-mixed-bag-of-goodies-and.html

Many ALP Lord Mayors worked for a nuclear-free Brisbane.  Putting up signs did not do anything to stop loads of nuclear waste being transported through Brisbane or Japanese ships loaded with plutonium steaming past Brisbane on their way to Japan. But it was a symbolic start to reducing the nuclear threat – a hope which has now slipped out of sight. Kevin Rudd’s nuclear betrayal is the betrayal of all betrayals. Yet all this collaboration was still not enough for the Obama regime that still went ahead with their plan to replace Kevin Rudd with Julia Gillard. That is just one more price to pay for the one-sided relationship Australia has with the US.
Australia: WikiLeaks Cables Reveal Secret Ties Between Rudd Coup Plotters and US Embassy

by Patrick O’Connor

Global Research, December 9, 2010

I was the Greens candidate for Griffith in 2007 and exposed many of Kevin Rudd’s shortcomings, but I didn’t know about this one.


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