09 September, 2007

How to guarantee some populist violence at a peaceful Anti-APEC protest

The Pinochet Solution will not save the discredited Howard government, nor will it particularly help 'bridesmaid' a change to Labor's Kevin Rudd. There should be a full independent inquiry into the NSW government's handling of the anti-APEC protests, A$170 nmillion they spent and the instructions officers were given as their paramilitary 'Rules of Engagement". See this photo-video from the Sydney Morning Herald Photos: protest right

It is not very often that I find it necessary to quote from commercial television, but we all deserve to view this footage that shows what police brutality means in New South Wales, when our present Prime Minister wants to impress world leaders:
I would call this video "NSW Police demonstrate the Pinochet solution"

There is plenty of evidence that shows that at least 200 police officers removed their name tags. They could only have been directed to do this by their officers, who would take their orders from NSW Premier, Morris Iemma and from the Prime Minister's Office.

Let us not easily forget what Premier Iemma said on ABC TV:
QUENTIN DEMPSTER: Under Ken Moroney's performance contract policing seems to have been turned into what's known as authoritarian populism. The police - a force for retribution and revenge for the community's fear, distress and anger.

This was best illustrated by Premier Iemma's advice to recruits at Ken Moroney's final parade at the Goulburn Academy.

MORRIS IEMMA: Be as tough on the criminals as they are on us. Give them the same consideration as they give our kids when they deal them drugs, when they assault and rob a senior citizen, when they rape someone's daughter, when they deface a war memorial. In other words, be faithful to the police motto "let punishment swiftly follow crime".


Expect full force of law: Iemma

When it comes to getting tough on demonstrators no one in power wants to be left out. John Howard had enough to say ... and aspiring Prime Minister in waiting Kevin Rudd had to put his impramata on the expected 'biff':

Rudd backs APEC crackdown http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2007/09/03/2022379.htm

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