25 June, 2015


What if we remember
What if we go back

What if we can't clear
Our minds
What if it hurts too much

Only the troubled souls
Can hear screaming in their heads

Helicopters thrashing the air
Flattening grass
Flashing lights
Blades like crazy
Whirling knives
What if we can't forget

What if we just
Can't stand the torment
What if we lose our minds

Millions of plastic toys
Raining from the sky
Amputating tiny feet
What if that child was mine

What if we just can't determine

Nightmares from real life
What if revisiting feels
Like we never left the place
What if we carry it with us
Till we're dead

Willy Bach (c) 1991

Footnote: CRAS (Citizen Reality Avoidance Syndrome), it turns out, is much more widespread than VSCRAS (Veterans Stressed by Citizen Reality Avoidance Syndrome), and much more deadly, to other people‚Äôs children.

Bill Distler served in Vietnam, he is a member of VFP Chapter 111, Bellingham


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