25 September, 2006

Content 'taken down' on my web site on the CIA's Secret War in Laos

The two kilometre airstrip near Leong Nok Tha, Northeast Thailand, that I helped to build in 1966, as a member of a British military construction unit.
The airfield was a 'small' contribution by Britain, Australia and
New Zealand to the CIA's Secret War in Laos.
Photo by Willy Bach February 1993.

We are often complaining that our freedom of expression is being curtailed. It feels really different when the silencing reaches ourselves. Of course, I have no idea who made all the content of my web site vanish - see http://www.angelfire.com/wi/poetryantiwar/ but it is not hard to work out who would be displeased by the content, after the site has been up since 2000.

Twenty four hours later: the site works again - was this a false alarm?


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