30 April, 2005

Hate Radio

Hate Radio

Cool and slick
Like a warm afternoon
A sweaty night
Of flashing lights
And a pounding beat
Songs that have
A catchy line
And a message
That resonates
Like someone unseen
Whispering in our ear
Bright and upbeat
Laden with quips
Announcer banter
Talkback hacks
News bytes
Skilfully edited
Brisk and sketchy
The assurance
The boldness
The underlining
Accusations in a mirror
We are on message
We are on message
We are on message

Willy Bach © 2002

Written on return to Kampala, reflecting on the UN Rwandan War Crimes Tribunal, Radio SAWA in Arabic (emanating from Washington) and the ‘shock jocks’ of Australian radio.


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