12 April, 2005

Mc Namara Has Spoken

I am posting this early because I want people to think about what war really means. 25 April is ANZAC Day, a time time remember the members of the military forces of Australia, New Zealand and UK, the disastrous Gallipoli Campaign in 1915, the reckless and callous political leaders, the incompetant officers, the soldiers who deserted or refused to fire their weapons, the pointless loss of life and the misery that war brings.

War is still bringing misery to millions of people. Let us not forget the war crimes that have marked so many of the 'triumphs' human barbarity can bestow on us.

If this is a day to remember all the veterans who were killed, maimed and left by their employers to fend for themselves - then I commemorate this day. If this is a day for us to also remember all the civilians who have been killed or harmed by war, or who have been forced to flee and become refugees - then I commemorate this day.

Behind every war crime there is someone like Robert McNamara. Let this man be known for his deeds.

McNamara Has Spoken

Selective memory
Public amnesia
McNamara has spoken

In their pressed suits
Steel trap faces
Each their own
Row of ribbons

Solemn heads
Replaying scenes
From Nui Dat
Long Tan Phuc Thui

We remember everything
Except why they were there
Minds that must live
With the rest of our lives
McNamara has spoken

Shortly before ANZAC Day 1995, former US Defence Secretary, Robert McNamara launched his memiors in which he described the Vietnam War as 'a tragic mistake' and 'un-winable' as early as 1964.

This had no impact on the Vietnam Veterans who were setting out to commemorate ANZAC Day.

Willy Bach (c) 1995


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