28 November, 2005

Sedition 'in yer face'

Phillip Ruddock, Attorney General of Australia, tormenter of refugees,
promoter of oppressive legislation, hardened liar and arguably
one of Australia's most lawless people in public life

I have been a bit busy recently and neglected my blog readers. OK, here is a statement:

To whom it may concern

I, Willy bach, poet, dissident and humanist, nonviolence community political activist, author of several web sites, listed here, and numerous postings and public utterances, register my ongoing defiance of the Howard government’s proposed Anti Terrorism laws, in particular the Sedition clauses, fully endorse the statements of Gideon Polya, Doug Everingham, Michael Leunig and Ray Bergman.

I believe that I can claim to have a legitimate grievance against the secret state of oppression that threatens democracy as a reluctant veteran of the CIA's Secret War in Laos. The Laos conflict witnessed an engagement by the USA, its private contractors and its allies in massive and unprovoked crimes against humanity against a defenceless low-technology peasant society, callous disregard for civilian casualties, deception and profiteering. I have called the conflict that was commenced in 1991, intensified in 2003 and continuing as this is written The War of Aggression and Plunder Against the People of Iraq. I will continue to encourage people everywhere to resist this abomination. As a former soldier, I regard resistance by members of Australia's armed forced as a higher duty than their obedience to the belligerent Howard government.

I never use pseudonyms, always give my real name, always use my real address, never advocate violence, always advocate peace and nonviolence, always carry out lawful opposition to oppression and aggression. Since 1989 I have stated that the CIA is a thoroughly disreputable organisation, guilty of thousands of criminal activities, a threat to world peace, virtually the greatest terrorist organisation in the world and should be denounced by anyone who wants a truly participatory democracy.

I maintain that the Howard government are very intentionally setting up a police state. The ambit claim for draconian legislation by Attorney General, Phillip Ruddock was the legislation that gives this government the powers they have wanted to exercise. The Howard government have already built privately managed high security detention centres for asylum seekers that it can now opportunistically use for the disappearance of dissidents and detention without trial. This government has misappropriated public money in further expansion of the highly politicised, bloated and largely redundant 'security' organisations AFP and ASIO. The officers of these organisations will be looking for tasks that justify their employment to the detriment of the civil and political rights.

During the course of 2005 I have met Scott Parkin, protested his deportation and sent letters of support. I helped organise a vigil in support of Cindy Sheehan and emailed anti war families in the USA encouraging them to keep up their efforts against the illegal war of aggression and plunder against the people of Iraq (not forgetting Afghanistan).

I have supported the case of David Hicks who has suffered barbaric torture at the hands of US authorities at the Guantanamo Bay Torture Centre. I have repeatedly drawn attention to the support for torture expressed by Prime Minister, John Howard, Attorney General, Phillip Ruddock and Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer and former ASIO Director General, now Ambassador to USA.

I have further commented on the reckless and improper comments of these people that could only have been designed to ensure that David Hicks is submitted to an untested concocted process of a sham military trial that could lead to a death penalty. It is the opinion of many lawyers that David Hicks will never be able to receive a fair trial in Australia, as a result of these comments. If he is actually any threat at all to Australian society we have been denied the opportunity to imprison David Hicks in any legitimate process.

I have supported the rights of Muslims to live in peace in Australia and denounced the racist attacks on them from prominent Liberals. I have called the deliberate process of provoked disaffection against Muslims a “Kristallnacht in slow motion”. I have named John Howard, Peter Costello, Brendan Nelson, Sophie Panopoulos, Bronwyn Bishop and David Jull as Liberals who support incitement to hatred of Muslims. I have no doubt that the mass deportation of Muslims and a return to the 'white Australia policy' is their ultimate goal. I regard these people as dangerous extremists whose activities are not consistent with their positions in public life, or as Members of our Parliament.

Willy Bach