06 October, 2007

Have a good look at this man ... unfit for a position in public life

We must never think that our politicians are stupid, nor can we assume that they make mistakes. Every gesture is a performance for the camera, every word, measured for its impact, a sound byte for the electronic media. Look at the cosmetically enhanced face, the gelled hair, the tailored suit, the poised document and the Australian flag (with not too much Union Jack showing in the picture) This is a skillfully confected image. Everything has a meaning. Everything has the potential to send messages to the targeted audience. He is the very model of a Liberal Member of Parliament, Howard Minister and the man is 87% Rottweiler.

This is Kevin Andrews, former Minister for Workplace Relations, architect of the notorious Work Choices legislation, now Minister for Immigration and Citizenship. He will, no doubt, be remembered as one of the 'hard men' of the government of John Howard. Kevin Andrews has ruined the lives of so man low paid, young, old, female, migrant and disabled workers by increasing the insecurity of their employment.

As Minister for Immigration and Citizenship he has abused his office by denying a visa to Dr Mohammed Haneef and destroyed the Gold Coast doctor's reputation around the world. Dr Mohammed Haneef would now be unable to obtain a fair trial, even if he was a terrorist (which was the accusation).

So, now time is running out for trickster politicians to pull out a 'bastard act' that will resonate with the very basest fears among the least informed members of the community. It is time for 'dog whistle' politics. Kevin Andrews plays the race card with the tacit approval of his mentor and 'handler' John Winston Howard.

It will be time to launch a cowardly and despicable attack on the most vulnerable and newest refugee community in Australia ... Africans, specifically Sudanese. Oh, yes, Pauline Hanson is waiting in the wings, first to hear the ultra-sonic tones of Kevin's call to his kindred spirits.

Interview with Lindy Burns

Tuesday, 2 October 2007


Lindy Burns, ABC Melbourne

Australia closes door to African refugees


Africans unwelcome: Hanson

Article from: The Courier-Mail

Lachlan Heywood, Martin Philip and Michael Wray

... and the Kelpies and blue heelers are eagerly leaping on board:

Deport Sudanese troublemakers, businessman says



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