06 April, 2006

law enforcement officers desperately seek a 'trophy terrorist'

It now appears that proponents of the fraudulent 'war on terror' are seeking out 'soft targets'. As the need for 'intelligence' agencies to 'show results' puts pressure on these people, they are in turn finding those who cannot run away or fail to due to their mental state.

Fox News reported from the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui

"Legal scholar Jonathan Turley (search), who observed Moussaoui in court in 2002 when he was still acting as his own attorney, described the Al Qaeda operative as a "barking lunatic.""

http://www.jewishworldreview.com/jonathan/turley021103.asp 11 February 2003
"Accused terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui has spent the last two years like a freak on a leash -- raving his hate-filled fantasies as Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft pulls him from jurisdiction to jurisdiction in search of a speedy execution.

Now Ashcroft is upset that a federal court ruled against the government in a critical motion, and he may yank Moussaoui out of his civilian trial and send him to a military tribunal where the attorney general's notion of justice will not be impeded by legal process"

Now they say he is 'eligible' for the USA's barbaric death penalty. (4 April 2006)
7:40 Moussaoui verdict

Whether we like it or not the accused man has the right to a fair trial and should be given this due respect for his rights. Vengeance is a very ugly and amoral response - whatever he is alleged to have done. Dehumanising him will only feed the death penalty advocates.

The trials in Melbourne are also turning up psychiatric problems:
Melbourne men charged with terrorism offences mentally ill

Soon we may discover that all the 'masterminds' have disappeared, leaving only those with no particular ability to mount a terrorist attack to be found by law enforcement officers who desperately seek a 'trophy terrorist' to please their political masters.

Lets hope that the Australian legal system has the capacity for fairness evidently lacking in the USA.


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