11 September, 2005

Top Copter


Matt black
Science fiction
Of technology
Carrion angels
Of the evil empire
Door gunners
Of the Fourth Reich
Video game missiles
Bearers of poisonous
And the Ace of Spades

Top Copter
Sinuous Rambos
Of the air
Carrion Angels
Of the evil empire
Of deprivation
Peace keepers
Of a violent era
Of an empire
Now lost
Of a faded dream

Top copter
Oh the exhilaration
Infra red targeting
Heat seeking surety
Dazzling technology
Ejaculating death
Fire power
Hideous atrocity
Of the Obsolete
Fourth Reich

Impotent gesture
Of irrelevant
In the hot sand

1991 - This poem was an icon of protests against Gulf War I. The same anger, but this time even more intense.

Today, 11 September 2005, we commemorated all who had needlessly died in this illegal war, in support of Cindy Sheehan's protests across America.

The Howard government arrested American school teacher and non-violence peace activist, Scott Parkin, from Houston, Texas in Melbourne today. This action bespeaks a police state. We had met Scott when he was in Brisbane for the Brisbane Social Forum. He had been telling people about Halliburton. We heard that Scott is ok and is being held at the Melbourne Custody Centre. He is being looked after by the Community Legal Centre & Greenpeace.

Apparently his VISA has been revoked under a provision of the Migration Act on the basis of poor character under the auspices of a "Adverse Security Assessment" - poor character, can you believe it. Someone who is prepared to put life & limb on the line to prevent war profiteers from causing further suffering in Iraq is deemed to be of "poor character", while Halliburton feeds its local Iraqi employees food scraps.

It is very likely that the Australian government will deport Scott to the USA. No one knows what awaits him there.


Blogger Jon said...

What I say is learn and do then learn some more and do some more.

My stuff's at cheap term life insurance but I bet you don't think it's as good as your's!

3:42 AM  
Blogger CB said...

Looks like an AH64 Apache to me. Nice bit of kit, able to target fuckwit hippies from miles away. That chain gun would be just the thing to disperse an anti-capitalist protest.

2:24 PM  

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