06 October, 2007

Unfortunately for the bigoted Minister ...

Waiting to register at the Iridimi Transit Center in eastern Chad. This woman’s husband and 6-year-old child died amid the violence in Sudan. She fled with her remaining children and first arrived at the Chadian border town, Tine. She then walked 60 km to the transit center for assistance (some generous Chadian villagers helped her along the way). She now waits under a plastic sheet to register - the next day, she hopes - for shelter, food and water for her family.

© Women’s Commission/Megan McKenna

How could Australia find room for people as resilient as these, Kevin Andrews?

The Sudanese and other African refugees in Australia are proud, assertive, articulate people who feel profoundly offended at Kevin Andrews' references to illiteracy and Grade 3 education levels.

They don't need anyone to speak for them:

"A race issue on the eve of a John Howard election, we thought it might’ve just been the Aboriginal Intervention strategy or the Citizenship test or the Haneef debacle and leave it at that. Well, the polls just aren’t bouncing for the Coalition are they?

There aren’t any Tampa boats on the horizon either, so we’ll just invent one about these Africans that just can’t seem to integrate dog gone it. Boom, No Africans Allowed".



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