06 October, 2007

Racist Minister is a disgrace to Australia


Racist Minister is a disgrace to Australia

Around the world people are reading about Australia’s sudden retreat from a successful African resettlement programme:


"Australia's decision to freeze its African refugee intake is a sign race issues may taint looming elections, a political analyst said, as the country's rights watchdog called the ruling 'un-Australian'."

Herald Tribune

"The hard line taken on immigration by Prime Minister John Howard has been credited with helping him win the past four elections, and some assume Andrews' comments were aimed at influencing voters by again raising the spectre of Australia being overrun."


"Certainly, there is a nativistic streak in parts of the Australian electorate. In previous campaigns the Prime Minister John Howard government has benefited from concerns over immigration — especially in regional seats.

Liberal quits over mill

October 6, 2007 - 3:37PM


Liberal candidate for Lyons, Ben Quin has resigned from the Liberal Party because he disagrees with the federal government's approval of Tasmania's $1.7 billion pulp mill. He has resigned as a Liberal candidate because he profoundly disagrees with his party.

So, I postulate that Minister for Immigration, Kevin Andrews should be sacked because his racist statements profoundly offend his colleagues. Perhaps he should join Pauline Hanson. If John Howard does not sack Kevin Andrews, then he is effectively endorsing his errant Minister for Immigration – and we can assume from this that the election campaign has begun – and it will be a very ugly business from which this country’s social cohesion will emerge as ‘damaged goods’.

Kevin Rudd now has an urgent duty to establish his intention to conduct an election campaign that is inclusive and cohesive in character. He should call on John Howard to sack his unfit Minister!


Blogger Illusive Mind said...

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Blogger Illusive Mind said...

He is most certainly a disgrace, Pauline Hanson must really feel gazumped by the Howard team.

6:18 AM  
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